Traffic light modules

Standard traffic light modules

Diameter: 200 mm, 300 mm
Color: red, green, orange
Power supply: 12V – 13.8V
LED: high brightness
Material: lacquered connections; suitable for outdoor use
Operating temperature:  -25 + 60 °C


Countdown traffic light module

Description: Can be used as a substitute for the yellow module in three colored traffic lights. It measures how long the red light is turned on, then in the next cycle it counts down in seconds during that period. If the red is turned on for more than 99 seconds, the countdown is slowed down. On the module all LEDs can be turned on at the same time, in that case it functions as a standard yellow module.
Material: lacquered connections; suitable for outdoor use
Power supply: from the master module
Controlling: NPN, PNP, +12V
Operating temperature: -25 + 60 °C
Brightness: automatic, depending on ambient light
Diameter: 200 mm