Clock displaying text and name-days


Description: The diplay shows time, date, day of the week, current name-day, informational and
warning texts. Programming the display is fast and easy.
Power supply: 12-24 V DC/ max 30 W
Size: 640x185x50 mm
Operating system: KP47
Output: Cannon 9 pin connector
Communication: RS485, ethernet
Thermometer: DS1820, accuracy ±0,7 °C
Length of displayable text: 180 characters, scrolling text (from right to left)
Sound: bulit-in device
Automatic displaying of name-days: yes
Accuarcy of the clock: ± 20ppm, GPS
Winter time/Summer time: automatic
Displaying: red LED
Resolution: 128 x 32 dots
Brightness: automatic/ manual
Mounting: on wall
Material: komatex, plexiglass;
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