Industrial displays


1. Serial number display

Description: suitbale for displaying two digit serial numbers
Power supply: 10 ÷ 30 V / 1 W
Communication: RS485 or ETHERNET (ASCII, MODBUS protocol, or as requested)
Material: plastic casing, red plexiglass, IP55
Size: 90 x 75 x 40 mm

2. Display for measurement units (kg, t, °C, %Rh, pieces, …)

Leírás: suitable for industrial use. Displays are made of eloxed aluminum, komatex modified metal, or stainless steel. Suitable for indoor use, LED segments are 100 mm in height. The given measurement unit (kg, t, °C, …) is either printed out or displayed in digital form. Communication is through RS485, ETHERNET, CAN (ASCII, MODBUS protocol, or as requested).


3. Humidity, temperature
Leírás: suitable for displaying temperature and relative humidity. It can be placed at different institutions like banks, schools or stations. Displays are made of eloxed aluminium, or iron and komatex. The front of the display is covered with plexiglass, or any special glass upon request. Heigth of the LED segments is 100 mm. Power supply is 230 V or 12 V. The device which measures temperature and humidity is an IC set device from Sensirion company. It can be made out of high brightness LED, if planned to use outdoors.