Presence board


Description: The device tells us information about whether the employees are present in the building of the company or not. It’s set from a computer through simple commands. When putting into operation, the device is addressable, so if the number of the employees requires, multiple boards can be placed at the same place. The names of the employees are shown on the nametags, which are easily replacable. The LEDs next to the nametags are three coloured (green, red, orange).

                                                                  -Communication protocol-
Command#1: @f0P=xx,y
­- ­­determines the colour of an individual LED

Meaning                                                    Comment
@                   start sign
F                    sign of the sender                                  PC
0                    sign of the board                                    0,1,2,3
Xx                 number of the LED to set                       (1,2,…,64)
Y                    required colour of the LED                    see: Table of Colours
(cr)(lf)          end sign

Command#2: @f0L=abcd ……. xyz
– determines the colours of all the LEDs:
a – required colour of the 1. LED in the 1. coloumn
b – required colour of the 2. LED in the 1. coloumn
z – required colour of the 16. LED in the 4. coloumn

-Table of Colours-

Value      Colour
0             blank
1             green
2             red
3             orange

Size: 320 x 280 x 35 mm
Power supply: 8 – 30 V / 2W Setting: RS485 / Ethernet
Operating temperature: -20 +50 °C
Metarial: stainless steel, plexiglass
LED: 64 three coloured