Information display OT1


Description: Displays values measured by different thermometers (DS18B20, PT100) simultaneously showing the number (location) of the thermometer.

It operates in different modes:
1. Independently, displaying values from 8 thermometers, directly connected to the display.
2. Based on extern orders, through galvanically separated binary inputs. The values of temperatures are read by a 4-20 mA input. Befor the device shows the next temperature, it makes 10 measurements in 100 ms, counts the average, and displays it.
3. controled by RS485, Ethernet, CAN (MODBUS ASCII, MODBUS RTU, ASCII protocol)
Power supply: 230 V/ 24V / max 20W
Casing: suitable for indoor/outdoor use
Brightness: automatic setting
Size: 1000 x 300 x 50 mm
Operating temperature: -20 +50 °C