Metrological station

The display shows the temperature of the water, the temperature of the air, the amount of precipitation, and the water level in the river. There are two displays on each side of the device looking to the opposite direction, as shown in the picture. The characters on the side facing the river are larger, so that they are visible from the opposite shore, while the characters on the other side are smaller. The water level is measured by a tensiometric sensor. The display consists of high brightness red LED segments. The casing is made out of stainless steel. The device has an internal memory, to which all the measured data is saved in every 10 minutes. At the end of the day all the data is forwarded to the central PC through GSM connection.

Power supply: 230 V or solar set
Size: diameter 1500 mm, heigth 2000 mm
Extras: measuring atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, wind direction and wind speed, intensity of sunlight; displaying exact time, name-days based on date
Design: customized product
Character size: from 100 mm to 200 mm