Velocity measuring system RD300


The goal of the device is to inform the driver about the speed of his vehicle, and by causing a psychical pressure, force him to slow down.

The device measures the velocity of vehicles and displays the measured value on a LED display. It is suggested to mount it at places, where the speed limit is often violated. The measured data are saved to the system’s internal memory.The data can be acquired via Bluetooth, and can be analyzed on PC.The display shows three numbers and the text SLOWLY.

  -Technical parameters-

Height of numbers: 300 mm
Range to: 150m
LED: high brightness, 30 degrees
Brightness: automatic, depending on ambient light
Size: 350x510x30 mm
Accuracy: ± 2 km/h
Supply voltage: 230 V AC, solar set
Mounting: C profil
Operating temperature: -20°+50°C
Radar: Doppler, 24.0 GHz, K-Band
Internal memory: 2.500 hours (>100 days)
Recorded values:
-Greatest speed in every hour
-Average speed in every hour
-Number of vehicles recorded per hour
-Number of vehicles recorded per hour, which did not slow down
Communication: Bluetooth